Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blank slate - now what?

Ever since I learned what a blog was, (not so long ago!), I've been tempted to try it. Sometimes I walk home from work, or from the playlot, or the garden, and have a monologue running through my head. I want to write it all down, capture the moment, but then I get home and something else comes up. Mostly, I want to capture the moments with my kids and my family - the ones that just amaze me, and the ones that make me laugh. At the same time, though, I think - is this egocentric? So many other people say the same thing more elegantly. Does anyone else really want to hear the monologue in my head? Or the day-to-dayness that might not be so amazing to anyone else? Maybe not. Maybe it will just be my outlet, diary, record-of-my-family-life. We'll see where it goes...

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