Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Going Home Part 2: Existential Conversations with Nourit

One of my favorite things to do when I'm home is to take walks down I Drive South, past the end of our property where my sister and I used to plan escape routes from potential kidnappers, past old Mr. Damon's home, past old Mr. Buck's home, and back again. Yesterday I took the girls in the stroller and we took that walk together, eating wild raspberries from alongside the road and looking for deer. Tonight after dinner we took the same walk, Nourit chattering and singing in the back, Avi snoozing in front. About 3/4 of the way home, the conversation turned to holy matters when I overheard Nourit say,

"I'm gonna take a time out. I hit God."

"Why are you going to take a time out?" I asked, not really sure I had heard her correctly. "Who did you hit?"

"I hit God."she said.

"Oh," I responded, " Did you say you were sorry?"

"No." Long pause. "Where is God?"

"He's everywhere." I told her, looking around at the beautiful sky and trees we were walking through. "He's in the sky, and the trees, and all around us. He's in Heaven and he's right here with us now. You can't see him because he's invisible, but he's always here, and you can always talk to him."

She didn't seem convinced, but decided that God was hungry. We were walking by one of the many trucks parked on front lawns that you see around here and she said, "God is going to eat that truck."

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