Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's a sign! and $360 Worth of Baby Vitamins

She did it! Avi exhibited, very clearly, her first sign - MILK!

The sign for "milk" is made by forming the right hand into the letter "s."

Open and close your hand, alternating between the letters "c" and "s." (Copied from Lifeprint.com)

I've been signing milk for a couple months now, and Mike said he saw her do it yesterday, but I thought it was probably just a clenched fist reflex from being upset. But tonight, at the dinner table, she'd been fussing for awhile, and from her perch in her daddy's arms, she looked directly at me with red-rimmed eyes and squeezed her right hand like she was milking a cow. So of course, I gave her what she asked for!


The FedEx man brought me three boxes today full of Enfamil baby vitamins. $360 worth, to be exact. I think it was a big mixup at the company. See, I was supposed to receive 3 replacement bottles of vitamins, not
3 cases containing a dozen bottles each. And at $10 a bottle, that's a pretty big mistake.

Over the past 2 years, I've been buying the vitamins that the doctor had prescribed for Nourit, with the fruity flavor she loves. But for some reason, the last three bottles were flatly refused, by both my toddler and my infant. I figured out why when I tasted them myself. Horrid stuff. So I contacted Enfamil, and had a wonderful experience with them. The customer service woman sent me a prepaid envelope to send them to the lab and promised to replace them. When the new bottles came in the mail, we all had the same reaction - yuck! I finally figured out that it was my mistake, and that the formula hadn't changed at all. I had just begun buying the vitamins with the iron supplement. How any child would ever accept that in their mouths is beyond me. It's wretched. Anyway, it was my expensive mistake, but I sent the vitamins back with a handwritten note asking if they could replace them with the non-iron vitamins. I think 36 bottles is more than sufficient!


Catherine said...

Wow - that's a really funny mistake! Congratulations on the "milk" sign - I was so excited when my son first started signing.

And...thanks for leaving the link on my blog! Its nice to "meet" you! :)

Marketing Mommy said...

Milk was my daughter's first sign too. It happened just last week and I gave her some cow's milk. I nurse her occasionally and her sign for that is not approved by ASL. She stretches open the neck of my shirt, peers in and grunts "eh!"