Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Overheard at the Dinner Table

Tonight, we were playing word games with Nourit, asking her things like opposites, etc.

Mike asked, "Nourit, what time of day is dawn?"


"Nourit, what time of day is dusk?"

"Nightime! The sun goes up, and then down, and then up and then down," she said, making circles with her arms. Obviously she's been coached.

"Nourit," Mike asks again, "Is mommy silly or serious?" and I furrow my eyebrows to look as serious as I can.

"Mommy is crazy," Nourit responds.

Obviously she's been coached.


While I was at work this afternoon, Mike said there was a time when the room was quite messy, the music was a little too loud, and Avi was crying. At that point, Nourit put up her hands and said, "This just isn't working out."

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