Monday, August 25, 2008

Some Highs and Lows of Last Week

Another quiet summer week with friends and at the playground last week. Low - Thursday the girls turned into drippy, snotty, disgusting messes, so we played alone. High - Friday, however, we kept our swim date with the twins Stella and Hayley, and what a fun morning we had! Since having Avi, I haven't had enough arms (I'd need at least 2 more, maybe 4) to take both girls swimming, so unfortunately Nourit has only been swimming once this year. She borrowed a swim vest from the twins' and by the end of the morning, was paddling around the deep-end all by herself, arms full of pool toys (including a couple dinosaurs, I think.) It was perfect, so I'm going to order one (along with a couple thermal swim suits) so I can take both girls to the (freezing-cold) gym pool, and teach Nourit to swim this year. Thanks, Christine!

High- Saturday we helped clean the parsonage to get it ready for our new (but old) Pastor Joe and Pastor Joe's wife, Dr. Sherwin. I'm looking forward to what God has planned for our small congregation this year.

High - Sunday we had the Patterson's over for lunch. Heather is getting so big and happy, and I think she and Nourit will become good friends over the next year in the church nursery together.
After a few minutes learning to drive in our backyard, Heather subsequently asked her dad if she could have the car keys to drive home.

Really Big High - Nourit has been a ROCK STAR on the potty this week! She has even been out and about without a diaper, peed on a big potty at the pool, and even tried it out in the garden this week. (She's a bit intrigued that all the little boys go potty at the park behind the trees, so she wanted to try it out.) She even dumps her little potty into the big one to help mom 'clean up.' Very cool, but now I'm wishing Cassia came more than once a week to clean the bathroom!

Low, Low, Low - Mike and I now have the girls' colds. Ugh!

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