Thursday, August 21, 2008

Su La What?

I've spent quite some time trying to find just the right address and title for my blog. Liz's Blog is just so...I don't know...not available as a URL. And neither are all the other deep, thought-provoking, cute or catchy ones I could think up, including: blessed, gracenotes, gracenote, mamainwonderland, mommyinwonderland, lizardmusic, hotmama and a great deal of other ones that I can't remember (mostly titles of my favorite children's books or songs.) But lo and behold, I tried sulali and it wasn't yet taken by someone who abandoned their blog 5 years ago! Not much behind it, really. It's just one of Nourit's favorite lullabies that we sing every night. I don't think the words actually mean anything. It's simple and you can substitute lots of words, like I Love You, or Noo-ou-rit, or Cho-co-late.

So welcome! What would YOU substitute for it?

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