Monday, August 11, 2008

This and That

There are alot of thoughts buzzing around my head, so this will be a smattering of what we've done over the past week, funny quotes from Nourit and an update on my quest for a disciplined life.

Last week we had a playdate with Laura and Anissa, inside instead of outside, since it rained last Monday. Wednesday morning we went to the Green City Market in Lincoln Park, then dropped off the $330 worth of vitamins to the Infant Welfare Center before work. Thursday, my birthday, we cruised down to Fox & Obel to pick out my birthday tart (see below) and then I was whisked away for a facial and a pedicure.

The yummiest chocolate tart ever!

We had a good time with Uncle Matt, who dropped by for a visit, showed us all the latest irreverent hits on Youtube, and stayed for dinner and to play with the girls.
Cool Nourit and Uncle Matt"I'm so exited Uncle Matt is here!!"

Friday night we got Chinese takeout and watched the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, and Saturday we went on a wild-goose chase to buy a composter. Didn't get one. But we did stop at the Bleeding Heart Bakery for scones, bought corn and nectarines at the Green City Market (2nd time in one week) and said hello to the giraffes at the zoo. We took a little spin on the carousel, too.

Sunday we had a wonderful visit at church over lunch with some old friends, the Mitchells, who stopped in for the weekend. We met Josiah (pictures to be posted later!) and saw how grown up Abby had become in a year. It was fun to watch Nourit and Abby play together, (exchange blows,) then hugs, many, many times during the visit. Such girls!

We think Nourit could be a politician when she grows up. Yesterday, we spent a large amount of breath asking her to use the potty. She decided to save a big load for her diaper during naptime. When she woke up, she surprised us by asking to use the potty, so after I cleaned up her diaper, I took her to use the potty, on which she promptly peed. What a joy filled child we had after that. As she danced around the room, Mike tried to tie it all in and convince her to used the potty for her poop next time, too.

"Nourit, did you poop on the potty or in your diaper?"

"I PEED on the potty! I got a sticker and a cookie!"

"Yes, but shouldn't you try to poop on the potty?"

"Yay! I PEED on the potty!"

Mike then remarks that she would make a good politician.

"Yes," I answered. "She certainly knows how to spin it."

To which Nourit chimes in, "I spinned it in the potty!"

I am so exhausted. I have gotten up early almost every morning to go to the garden, and spend quiet time talking to God and reading His word. I am so thankful for that quiet time alone. I feel a huge difference already - more peace, more optimism. I'm also exhausted. I need more sleep. But I need quiet time more than sleep. Part of the Islamic call to prayer states that Prayer is better than sleep. I wholeheartedly agree. So, until Avi starts sleeping through the night, I guess I will just have to prioritize.

Since I am so tired by the time the girls get into bed, or we have something planned for the evenings, I'm afraid I've only gotten one or two evenings of yoga practice in. I'm going to work it in more this week.

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