Monday, December 15, 2008

"When I'm Bigger, I Can Kill One, Too!"

Nourit is all about the things she'll do 'when she's bigger.' She'll wear earrings like mama when she's bigger. She'll like to eat mushrooms when she's bigger. This morning, she hopped up from playing on the floor and jumped up on the piano bench shouting, "There's an ant!" It wasn't an ant, but a HUGE centipede, which I quickly smooshed with a paper towel. Fascinated, Nourit asked if I'd killed it. When I nodded affirmatively she excitedly said, "When I'm bigger, I can kill one, too!"

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Sherwin said...

come on over to the parsonage... nourit could get plenty of practice there! i'm embarassed to say it, but i just freeze and can't kill them. i have to "calmly" call joe over to do it.