Monday, February 9, 2009

Creative Juices

I'm always amazed at how focused and creative kids can be at such a young age. Nourit continually surprises me with a new and amazingly symmetrical ways of constructing with her blocks or Krinkles, and lately spends time creating elaborate meals out of wooden food, toys, and items from mommy's drawers. Here are some pictures of our budding architect/food designer.

There is kind of a sad ending, though. According to my source on parenting, Love and Logic, if a kid doesn't help put away the toys, you're supposed to take that particular toy away for awhile. Somehow, this seems to backfire on me. Today I asked Nourit to help clean up the playdough. She said no, so I very calmly said it was going in the garbage. She was fine with that. (It made me a little sad, but on the up-side, I don't have to worry about Avi ingesting too much more for awhile!) However, when it came time to put away her wooden kitchen and the 12,000 items of food that go with it, she said, "I don't ever want to play with it again," just so she could get out of cleaning up. With all the love and logic I could muster, I took her hand and brought her over to the mini-kitchen, gave her the food boxes, and said, "Start packing."

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Hilary said...

Oh Liz, I TOTALLY relate to the mixed emotions of love and logic. Wow, I've been in exactly that same situation. She got so excited about packing her toys up - and I was the one freaking out - wait, that's like your favorite toy!! Good for you sticking to your word!