Monday, January 10, 2011

My Favorite Things

One of my favorite things is when both my girls are sleeping peacefully, Nourit in the top bunk, Avi on the bottom, their little noses breathing heavily. They are doing that right at this moment and it took exactly 29 minutes from the time I tucked them under the covers until they were snoring in sync. And what magic happened during those 29 minutes that got them from 60 to 0? Why, my melodious voice, of course. All those years between the ages of 7 and 17 when I would play my records (yes, they were LPs), brush in hand, and would belt out every word to every show tune I knew? I was preparing for this day. Whenever I was alone in the house, I would sit at the piano and accompany myself to all the ballads I knew, from 'Where is Love?' from Oliver! to 'On My Own' from Les Miserables. I still pride myself to knowing every single word to 'The Music Man', including the train song. (Whadya talk, whadya talk, whadya talk...)

That career never got off the ground, high school follies notwithstanding.

Until now!

Since the birth of our kids, we've spent almost every bedtime singing our kids to sleep in two part harmony. I have a strict order:
1) Twinkle, Baa Baa, and ABC's - they are all the same tune, something I didn't figure out until graduate music school
2) Hush Little Baby - I decided early on which version we'd sing, and have stuck to it
3) after the first two, it's a mixture of every other lullaby I know (and being a Music Together teacher, I know many), then Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and I culminate with Kum ba yah (at which point, it's a deep and real pleading for God to come quickly and knock these children out to sleep.)

If God (or the Sandman) hasn't come at that point, I'm desperate. I have no more songs to sing. Nourit is begging for "a song that you've never sung to me before." That's when I pull out my deep, unquenched passion: show tunes! I get to sing old sappy ballads, uninterrupted, to a rapt audience. How great is that? It's an educational time, too, though. In fact, tonight my girls learned what a 'sash' and an edelweiss were. (3 points if you can name that musical!) They absolutely love My Favorite Things. At this point, my repertoire also includes Goodnight, My Someone and 'Till There Was You. In the course of writing this, I've even recalled a few more that I'm anxious to try out on them.

But... it will have to wait until next Monday when Mike is working and I put the girls to bed all by myself again. See, he's not so fond of showtunes. (He won't even let me sing anything from 'Grease' around them. Sheesh!) So, unless it's something from 'Spamalot' (the ONLY musical he even admits to liking), I'll have to keep it solo.