Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The 'Ff' Word of the Day

My Ffriend gave me the idea of doing a 'letter of the day/month' with the girls, and although I really intended it for Avi, it has become one of Nourit's Ffavorite morning activities. It's simply this: I give them a sheet with the Big and Small letters, we discuss what insect/animal/other thing begins with that particular letter, and then they draw for a Ffew minutes while I interject as many words with that sound. Today we used lots of 'Ff' words. The picture to the leFft is by Ffar my Ffavorite. Nourit even got some handwriting practice (something I'd just been stressing over with some other homeschooling Ffriends, who assured me it would Ffind its way into our days organically.)

Next is Avi's picture. We'll just call this one 'Ffreaky Ffoxes with Ffour or Ffive Million Ffeet'.

Ffun, Ffun, Ffun!

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