Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On the Blog Again

I just can't wait to git on the blog again, goin' places that I ne-e-e-ver been, oh I can't wait to git on the blog again. (Although, I'm not sure anyone is still checking for updates since those have been few and far between!) Regardless, here I am, up at midnight without anything specific to write, armed only with the need to make up for lost time.

Highlights of our year on the northside: Yoga with Gina at Namaskar, Nourit's class and teacher at the Lycée, Ionela (Renela, as Avi endearingly refers to her), the park on our cul-de-sac, passing the basket across the balcony with Natalie next-door, playing with Lida, conqueror of the playground, Fritz croissant every Saturday morning, coffee from Macondo, $8 car cleaning around the corner, a huge kitchen, our mulberry tree, having Matthew and Christine close by (okay, relatively close by in DG!), Monday night dinners with Karen & girls, the Diversey bus to Peggy Notebaert, Wednesday climbing at the zoo, a beautiful drive down LSD (albeit, 6 out of 7 days), Nourit's first lost tooth. Did I mention lovely neighbors?

Lolights of our year on the northside: Holly and the outdated windows that let in all the cold air. Those two things are unrelated. Not enough extra funding from Lycée to afford us to send both girls to school.*

Other interesting, worthwhile, and somewhat amazing events: Disney World for Mom's 70th, weekend in Milwaukee, Michael's dissertation 'Bird Show', Tuscany without kids, turning 37 at the Point, girls' weekend in D.C., and, last but not least, a move back to Hyde Park and to our 4th apartment in as many years. We really like this one and think we'll stay. For a year, at the very least.

*Thus, I will be homeschooling the girls this year in our homey new/old apartment. And that is where my blogging adventure resumes. Goin' places I really never been! Stay tuned...

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Sherwin said...

thanks for the update... i didn't realize you were back in Hyde Park! too bad about the Lycee :( i'm sure you'll do a great job with the homeschooling!