Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pyramids, Planetariums, and Paper Maché, Oh My...

I am exhausted. Today the girls and I built a pyramid (scaled way, way down, and out of red hardening clay, so it will look nothing like a real pyramid, but so what? they now know all about the discrepancies between pharaoh and the rest of the ancient world, and also the phrase "you can't take it with you!"), trekked to outer space (okay, just to the planetarium, but it was in the rain and the car battery died so we took the metra and wow, is it hard pushing two children totaling around 80 lbs in a 35 lb stroller to and from the train station, so it might as well have been outer space), and started making paper maché masks (it's only been 2 months since Nourit started pestering me about these and wow - wow, are those every messy). Not to mention some avant-garde artwork just before bedtime. What a great idea - taking a top dipped in paint and seeing what kind of design it makes while it spins...all over the dining room table!

Did I mention all the cleaning up I did today, too? No? Well, I cleaned alot. But it was worth it. The sun came out for 5 minutes today and we discovered that Nourit's sundial actually does work! And the pyramid hasn't been marauded by marauders yet. And I'm finally getting to all the things the girls have been wanting to do since before we moved and that I've been putting off until "after we're settled."
I guess we're getting there! (and hiding there in the back of the really awful picture of our really fun pyramid is Avi's version of the Queen of Sheba.)

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