Friday, May 11, 2012

Gardening Again

Before the Massacre
 We got some earth again!  This time on 62nd and Dorchester.  Sight unseen, we were so excited we went out and purchased plants and herbs aplenty.  Then we carted them over to the community garden and found our plot fully in bloom, with bushes of mint, chives, cilantro, onions, leeks, and strawberries.  Sigh.  Sadly, we dug up the fruits of someone else's labor, then replanted our own.  The girls were extremely sad about losing their newly acquired strawberry plants, but were soon distracted by the myriad of worms and creepy crawlies in the dirt.  We couldn't bear to part with the healthy bushes of herbs, so we put them in our trunk and replanted them in our backyard.  Although it's hard to imagine looking at it now, by September, we will be harvesting tomatoes until they are coming out of our ears. 
Digging up Worms

And Digging...

After the Makeover

Green Monsters
Here is a nice post by our co-gardener who will be helping harvest when Baby #3 arrives.
Here are pictures from our last community garden plot 3 years ago.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Holland Tulip Festival 2012

Greenwood Commune Goes on Vacation      

There is a picture of me somewhere in an old photo album at the age of 2, white-blonde, on a sunny day, sitting in the middle of a field of tulips in Holland, MI.  I think I had that image in mind when I suggested to Mike that we visit the Tulip Festival 35 years later, with our own little girls.  Well, we made the trip this weekend, not only with our own kids, but with 6 other neighbors and their 5 children.  We saw not a single tulip.  (They had all bloomed in January.)  It rained.  We didn't even make it to downtown Holland.  But we had a fabulous weekend.  

Douglas Beach, Ho!
 We rented a big house next to a wood that hosted our very own woodpecker and a chorus of peepers.  A large kitchen and a hot tub made it perfect for a vacation with friends.  And, it was just a short walk with the munchkins to get to the beach.
The Descent
Nourit Finding Shells
Oscar Contemplating the Deep Beyond

Ming Ming's Castle

Despite the fact the kids are pictured in bathing suits and playing in the water like it's the middle of a heat wave, an hour later it was too chilly to dine al fresco, so we ate our steak and salmon dinners indoors. 
Convicts or Mimes?  You Decide.

Then, movie night commenced, followed by 6 kids piled into the smallest room for the ultimate sleepover.
There Were 5 in the Bed
Saturday, we braved the rain and visited the Dutch Village.  (It's exactly like the Netherlands.  Honest.)  The kids were really just there for the rides and some shoe shopping.
No Caption Needed
Nelis' Dutch Village

Swings at Nelis' Dutch Village (right next to the outlet mall, as seen in the background)

Closest our Feet came to the Tulip Festival
Waiting for Ice Cream in downtown Saugatuck


Nerves of Steel
The Castle (or The Hole)
Sand Drawing
Digging with Antoine
We were offered the option to buy this house...
Traipsing Through Saugatuck State Park for our Third Trip to the Beach

Helen and Hugo

This Beach Comes With a Minstrel

Great Weekend!

For more (and better) pictures of the weekend, click over here  And here.  And then here.  And finally, here.