Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Labor, Just Fun this Labor Day Weekend

It had been more than a year and a half since we had seen Sammy and Joey, and how grown up they both were when we saw them Friday morning after driving all day Thursday to get to Canada. Samantha was very motherly, making Nourit breakfast each morning, and reading to her. Avi found a special spot on Sammy's shoulder and would be found snuggling with Sammy more than anyone this weekend.

Sammy reading Tiki Tiki Tembo to Nourit.

Have you seen a happier baby?

Nourit took her second horseride of the summer, this time with mama on board. Churchill Downs, here we come!

The helmet just wouldn't stay put!

A walk through the woods.

Nourit got everyone in on the Eyebrow action.

The girls were introduced to their first Harrow County Fair. Nourit was fascinated with the cows while they were being milked. (Mama could really identify with them, too.)
We also saw some rabbits and fancy chickens. I would like a fancy chicken so we could eat fancy eggs every morning.

Teaching Nourit the subtler points of Skeeball.

We visited Great-Grandma Debleu and swam in her pool. Nourit even got brave and jumped in a few times. Auntie Michelle taught her how to blow bubbles and that's all she did the rest of her time in the pool.

Our trip home took 11 hours door-to-door. We stopped to see Denton's family and pulled some more crazy faces from Nourit and her friends.

Nourit, Kenzie and Dreya. Baby Whited on the way soon!

And finally, we stopped to see Mark, Michelle and Izzy. Wow, has she changed since Christmas - still a cutie, but now a blonde, mobile, chatty cutie!

Now we're back home, gearing up for the fall. Mike is on his way to Victoria, B.C. for the Aventa Workshop until Monday. I've been interviewing babysitters for the schoolyear, and am trying hard not to be depressed about the end of a much-too-short summer.

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