Monday, October 20, 2008

LeapFrog Fun

Last night I attended my first "mommy blogger" party, sponsored by LeapFrog. I was very excited about the chance to meet the other bloggers in person, which was a wonderful part of the afternoon, and putting faces with the names, words, and experiences I've read about for months.

What a welcoming party it was, right from our entrance into the the Kindercare building. We stepped into a room full of toys, yummy food, and stacks of LeapFrog products to try out (and take home!) After a few minutes of mingling, I left my oldest with her father and sat in on a discussion hosted by members of the Advisory Board for LeapFrog. They seemed genuinely interested in taking back suggestions from parents to their developers. I enjoyed hearing from other moms about their personal 'toy philosophy' and relating it to mine.

Back to the play room, we ate pizza, tried to carry on conversations in the midst of chasing after children, and collecting age-appropriate toys to bring home and try out. I noticed (too late) there was a face painter and an artist rendering exquisite designs on cheeks and on paper. That's okay - Nourit is still too small to be disappointed to have missed it. She enjoyed watching the older and more interesting Pink Girl get her face painted with swirls and sparkles.

I am definitely not accustomed to bringing home armfuls of toys, and I was floored by LeapFrog's generosity. I will certainly keep my eye on them as my girls get older and more interested in electronics. It will be good to have such a highly regarded educational option to consider when we get to that stage!

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Farrah said...

It was so fun to meet you and get to chat, a little. It was kinda crazy with all the kids running around and all the chaos that was happening in that room. It was a blast though. Your girls are beautiful. I hope we get to see each other again soon.