Monday, November 10, 2008

Mama's Girls

I caught a glimpse this weekend of what my life will be 30 years down the road. Children, in their 30's, returning home sick with laundry and children for me to watch. Yes, I am 34 and I'm still a mama's girl. I woke up with some fluey thing on Thursday, threw all my laundry (including the kitchen rugs) into the car, along with the babies, and headed back home. The entire way I willed myself to stay awake, keeping a close eye on how far the next exit would be in case I had to throw up. 3 hours later, I pulled into the familiar driveway, handed the girls to my mom, and promptly fell asleep.

For all the times I complain that nothing has changed in the house I grew up in (same pictures on the wall, same knickknacks on the shelves) I was thankful for it this weekend. There's nothing better than a cozy home with a mom who wants to make sure you are warm enough, fed enough, and happy enough. I needed that this weekend. Avi has exhausted me, and my body finally said, "Enough!" After some rest on Thursday afternoon, I started to feel better by Friday.

We took a lovely walk on the last semi-warm day, and then made the obligatory run to the mall to pick up a few items. I WISH I had had my camera. In the middle of the sad little midwestern mall with 30% of the shops empty, is a row of cars with a handle for the parent to push their kid around. Totally kitschy and obnoxious. Nourit jumped in the biggest one, a fire engine with two seats, and my mom went to see just how much it cost. $5! (With a $1 refund upon return.) I said absolutely not, and Grandma put the money in anyway. I decided to set Avi in the front and from that moment, the look of pure joy never left the girls' faces. Avi was so excited, steering the big fire engine, while Nourit was in back completely enjoying the ride. Grandma pushed them all over Macy's while I looked for this and that (and never did find what I needed.) She said it was the best $4 she ever spent. If I could have looked into the future 18 years ago on one of those Saturdays I was hanging out at the mall with my friends, and seen this sight, I'm not sure I what I would have thought!

Friday night, though, between Avi and Nourit, I was awake from 12:15 until 6 am. At that point, I walked downstairs crying and handed Avi to my mom to watch so I could at least get an hour's sleep. She didn't wake me, and two hours later, I woke up and realized she'd never make it to work in time. She said it was just fine, called in late to work, then ended up taking the entire day off so I could get some more sleep. The next night, we made a deal, and I handed Avi to her at 3 am so I could get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. Four hours of sleep later, I felt like a newer woman than I've been in a long time.

I returned home full of plans for Avi, poor little creature. Operation Sleep Facilitation for Avi is now underway. Stay tuned for more details of our strategy. Or is that our tactic?

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Marketing Mommy said...

Any idea why Avi's up all night? I thought I had it rough with my youngest, but you have it much worse. I don't know your stance on CIO, but I finally let Ada cry Saturday night from 3:30-4:30. After a tortuous hour, she feel back asleep and remained in her crib until after 6.
Last night she slept all night and didn't call out until 6:15.