Monday, May 18, 2009

Nourit's First Haircut

I finally decided to end the battle for barrettes and have Nourit's hair cut. Just a little bit. In the front.

Before, sitting in the barber's chair (aka, Amber's kitchen stool.)

After, with the same expression. That didn't go away with the chopped locks.


Casey and Karen said...

Too funny that she had the same expression :) We miss you guys a lot! We just found out we won't be moving to Chicago until the end of November, but we might head there to search for a condo (we're now just going to rent for a year, but we still want to set foot in the place we're going to live since the past two places we have lived we never toured!). We'll let you know if we'll be in town!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Love that it's the same expression. :)