Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Collector's Pieces

Nourit came home after her dance class two weeks ago, ate a few mouthfuls of dinner, and promptly started to draw. She hates to color with crayons, and I've never seen her do anything except scribble on a piece of paper with pen, describing to me all the elaborate things she was drawing that looked nothing like, well, anything. But here she was, drawing a head, eyes, nose and mouth, legs and arms. (Okay, so the arms are where the ears would normally go, but they were still pretty good for starters!) On one or two, she actually drew two sections to each leg, very carefully keeping her lines straight. I had never seen her do this before, and neither had her dad. Maybe one of her babysitters taught her? I don't know, and it surprised me!

This was the first picture - see the burning eyes - very profound.

Since Michael is known to have drawn elaborate pictures of fire engines when he was 3, I was afraid she was inheriting my (lack of) artistic talent, but she may have a future in the artists' studio yet!

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Heather said...

Oh those are great! I also got really excited when my daughter did her first actual drawing of a person. She wasn't really into drawing for a long time either. I'm an artist so I pretty much jumped up and down.

Happy drawing to you!