Sunday, March 27, 2011


Lately, the girls have been coming out with some funny things (and some doozies.) Here are some of the more recent ones that I can remember.

While discussing the ungodly hour that Avi creeps into our bed every morning
Nourit says: "I like to sleep in."
Avi: "I like to sleep out!"

Foot Washing
In a pre-Easter mood, Nourit decides to wash Avi's feet during their bathtime. Still basking in the afterglow of watching my girls treating each other with such affection, I'm rocking Avi to sleep while Nourit runs by on her way to bed. "Wait!" I say, "I need a hug and a kiss." She runs back to provide those, and Avi holds out her arms to Nourit, who, in turn runs away. Avi scrambles down to follow her, arms still open. Nourit, on the stairs puts a foot in Avi's face and generously says "Kiss it!" Of course, Avi does so happily.

Two's and Tree's
Nourit was practicing her math at the dinner table. "1 and 1 is 2. 2 and 2 is four."
Avi asks in her three-year old voice "What's tree and tree?"
Nourit answers without missing a beat, "Two trees."

Synonyms for Nice
On Monday, after spending some time with Nourit's class at school, Avi was in a magnanimous mood, describing Nourit's classmates. "They are friends and kind and nice and...fratulating!"
Nourit: "Fratulating?? That's not even a word!"
Avi: "Yeah it is. It means 'nice'!"

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Joel said...

We discussed your entry at breakfast.
J loves Avi's sleeping out.

For the tree+tree, L said: The answer is a forest. But A said: Well, trees.

As for fratulating, you can imagine where that conversation went.