Friday, May 11, 2012

Gardening Again

Before the Massacre
 We got some earth again!  This time on 62nd and Dorchester.  Sight unseen, we were so excited we went out and purchased plants and herbs aplenty.  Then we carted them over to the community garden and found our plot fully in bloom, with bushes of mint, chives, cilantro, onions, leeks, and strawberries.  Sigh.  Sadly, we dug up the fruits of someone else's labor, then replanted our own.  The girls were extremely sad about losing their newly acquired strawberry plants, but were soon distracted by the myriad of worms and creepy crawlies in the dirt.  We couldn't bear to part with the healthy bushes of herbs, so we put them in our trunk and replanted them in our backyard.  Although it's hard to imagine looking at it now, by September, we will be harvesting tomatoes until they are coming out of our ears. 
Digging up Worms

And Digging...

After the Makeover

Green Monsters
Here is a nice post by our co-gardener who will be helping harvest when Baby #3 arrives.
Here are pictures from our last community garden plot 3 years ago.

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