Friday, March 13, 2009

What Have We Been Up To?

When I began keeping this blog last summer, I think I was keeping track of our daily, or at least weekly, activities. Now the weeks go by and I keep putting things in a mental list to blog about at some point in the future. The list is getting rather long! Here are some highlights of the last month...(warning: it's overloaded with pictures and video.)

February 20 (?): Finally celebrated Avi's 1st birthday almost a month late. We corralled the usual suspects (our wonderful neighbors!) and enticed them downstairs and across the backyard with the promise of one of Mike's yummy cakes. Avi certainly liked her first slice of real cake - I turned around for a minute and she had devoured it!

Scarlett, who is too cute for words (so here's a picture!)

Avi's first birthday cake - loaded with fruit and almonds.

Three little girls in their usual places, enjoying cake before running back to play.

Champagne and sippy cups - what a wonderful life!

And finally, the Birthday (plus a month) Girl

February 24-March 1: We took a trip across the border to attend the Windsor New Music Festival where Mike's piece, A Presence Close as Breath, was featured. (He dedicated it to me, by the way!) We also had a nice time visiting Nanny and Papa, and were thrilled that Muffy drove down with Sammy and Joey for a day. Nourit loves her cousins! (And so do we, of course.)

*Notice Pink Poodle

We spent some time visiting our old favorite places in Windsor (Wah Court and the pizza place that was down the street from our apartment.) We took Nourit ice-skating (or should I say, ice dancing!) near the court house, and ate at Tim Horton's one too many times.

Nourit petting the goats at Colosanti's (*notice Pink Poodle)

Nourit on her first amusement park ride at Colosanti's. (They have everything there...)

First, Nourit wouldn't allow me to let go of her hands.

Enter new 4 year old friend, and she's hands-free, dancing like she was born in the '80's.

On our way back home, we stopped in Detroit's Greek Town, ate at a diner that still allows smoking (!) and doesn't have fresh fruit on the menu (again, !), and picked up some yummy things at our old favorite bakery, Astoria Pastry Shop. Then, in Battle Creek, we stopped to see my mom at the library for a quick hour while the girls got to play and get some energy out. Willard Library really is the best library, hands down.

Since we've been back, the pace hasn't let up too much, but Spring is definitely in the air. We've been playing with our neighbors, going to Thursday Bible Study, and going to Music Together. (Today was the last day until the new session starts. We really have a great class, and love Irene.)

People also tend to look a little crazy in MT pictures... (*notice Pink Poodle)

Oh, and last Sunday we started something that we hope will become a regular thing with us - Jazz Showcase Sunday Matinee. Our friends Lisa and Claire met us for the 4pm show (Bobby Watson and friends,) and we had a great time listening to music and watching the girls dance. We felt so welcomed there, and love the new space (in the Printer's Row Dearborn Station.) Ooh, I just noticed the Benny Green Trio is coming. Maybe I can convince Mike to go back to see him. If my sister is reading (which is doubtful), do you remember seeing him at the Blue Note ages ago, and the crazy lady in the white pantsuit sitting at our table??

Next on the roster, some birthday parties (these kids just keep getting older!), museum visits, and hopefully, very soon, a trek to the garden to plant some hearty greens!

This last picture just seems to capture the essence of a day in our tiny part of the universe (*notice Pink Poodle)

*Notice Pink Poodle is now Nourit's constant dance partner, confidante, friend, and yes, sadly, sometimes whipping post. Dodo was LEFT BEHIND on Nourit's command for our trip to Canada - yesterday's breakfast, I suppose. I guess the loss of Dodo's second eye was the clincher. She loved him/her through the loss of one eye, repeated neck surgery, and the complete matting of his/her purple hair. But once he/she lost his/her remaining eye, she said "Sayonara, Dodo. You can stay home while I go out with my fancy Pink Poodle."

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