Friday, June 5, 2009

Timing is Everything

Why do we continually get nervous about our lives and our futures? We keep experiencing God's provision for us, and yet there is still a feeling of uncertainty whenever things are about to change. I sort of think that's because God waits until the last possible moment to let us know how the next chapter in our life will begin. Time and again, we've waited for the answer, it doesn't come in time for me to be comfortable, but we step out in faith and voila, He answers and the stars align. (Figuratively, of course!)

His timing, though, is right on, not only for our life, but for everyone who intersects with us, it seems. Just when we needed a good babysitter (or two!), Jessica came into our lives, needing job. When our lives got crazy, her schedule lightened up, and she was there to help us the many last-minute times we needed an extra 'parent' this year. Now, she is leaving (sniff), graduating from college and heading out into an exciting new career. Amy (our other wonderful sitter) is leaving this week, too. What are we going to do for daycare? NOTHING! Because, in God's unique timing, we were hired as Resident Heads, and I will be able to stay home with the girls full-time. What about my job? It's coming to a natural end, with funding running out since the grant I manage was not renewed. Things are falling into place.

Another intersection, even though it seems small, just concluded seamlessly. We desperately needed help cleaning in the middle of the year, and one young woman needed to work while waiting for a real job in the architecture world. Just as we are getting to the point we can manage it on our own, she gets two job offers. Noone loses, everyone wins! (But this means I will be cleaning the toilet again. Okay, I guess I lose a little bit...)

So, slowly, or quickly, or however you want to look at it, we are checking some of the 'unknowns' off our list, moving them into the 'known' category.


Hilary said...

Congrats, Liz, on becoming Resident Heads!! Now we'll see you with the girls at Bixler more often! Yay! I'm so glad some things are falling into it when the load gets a little lighter.

bloomingheather said...

Congratulations from us, too! We're going to be your new neighbors -- the RHs down the hall in House 4.

LaShanda pointed us to your blog. You may not remember us, but we met you last summer at the 61st Street Farmers Market. We have two little girls as well -- 3 and 6. Come check out my blog. I look forward to seeing you again soon! Let's be in touch.


Kim Moldofsky said...

Wow, I came here to peek at the CMB wrap-up, but I really needed to read that first paragraph.

Deep Breath.