Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Digital Overload!!

I must have had some extra caffeine today since I've been on the computer for more than 10 minutes, but hey, it may be the only way I can document at least part of my kids' life (and of course, mine, since it basically is the same thing these days.)  I am so impressed with the people who keep their photos so organized and post them in a timely fashion (you know who you are, Ting and Joyce).  I just get so overwhelmed with the sheer amount I haven't done that I'm afraid to even start.

For instance, in my IPhoto folder, I have close to 6,000 photos from the last 4 years, and that doesn't even include the first 2 years of Nourit's life, which are documented on another computer, somewhere in our apartment (waiting, I might add, to be downloaded onto this computer, which needs to be backed up on some other devise so we don't lose our minds.  I mean, our memories.)  I'm sure this is a negligible amount compared to serious parent photographers with cameras that cost more than $150.  But to me, it's OVERwhelming.

Remember when you couldn't wait to get a roll of film back from the developers?  All 12, 24 or even 36 on a roll?  Or even better, the instant gratification (okay, sometimes you had to wait 30 seconds for the picture to develop) of that ONE Polaroid picture someone would take at a special event, that cost so much they'd only take one?  Sure, they produced a fair amount of clunky clutter with the photo albums we all carry with us from high school.  But it's nothing compared to the cyber clutter we're dealing with.  Now, we take about 50 clicks of one little event (going to park, for instance, for the 135th time), thinking, "Oh, I'll edit out the bad ones and only keep the good ones."  But seriously, does anyone really do that?  Okay, I have done it.  Once.  And so I have 6,000 (and counting) pictures of my kids that they will (hopefully) never have time to look at since they'll be out doing amazing, wonderful things.  Unlike me, at the moment.

The other cause of angst for me is, "Where do I put them once I get the organizing bug?"  Do I post them to Snapfish, to join the 10 albums I began 6 years ago, and haven't updated in about 4?  Too annoying since your friends and family have to have a password to view them (which is why I haven't seen any of the pictures my sister posts.)  Do I post them to Facebook?  Easy enough.  But what if I want to post them on my blog (which itself is another online conundrum because what it was when I started it isn't what has been for the last year or two, and definitely isn't what it is now, and I really hate it when there's no continuity, so...that's another issue for the cyber shrink.)  So they are in two spots now - blog and Facebook.  Redundant. 

Then...what happens when I decide to go offline for awhile?  Check out of Facebook? (before I check back in again.  And then out again.)  Discontinue my blog because I don't like the wallpaper on it anymore, and am petrified to change it because I know from experience that once I make one change, it sets off a chain reaction and everything gets screwed up?  (Is that only me?  I sort of think so, otherwise less people would have super cute blogs.) 

I am going to attempt it, though.  Before the next LaCroix photo subject makes her appearance, I am determined to get my (cyber) life in order.  Every good photo will have its place, its caption, and maybe an audience.  Every bad one...will probably still be jamming up my IPhoto folder.

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melanie said...

if you manage to get that done, i will be super-impressed. i just keep praying our computer doesn't crash because i don't even know what to do with all the pictures that are saved on it. i keep slowly moving things to flickr but then i can't remember what i've saved so i keep duplicating...if you get it done, please share how you've managed it so i can follow your model!