Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weekend in Minneapolis

One of the best parts of grad student life with kids is the friendships we've made with other parents.  One of the worst parts is having those families move away (which they inevitably do, and which, we will inevitably do, too...someday.)  Last weekend we were able to attend the (long awaited!) wedding of our dear friends from 61st Street, who moved back to Minneapolis two years ago, leaving us sad and missing them.  After visiting the twin cities this weekend, we completely understand why they moved back.  What a great place to live!  Beautiful parks, lovely neighborhoods, good pastry shops and cafes, fabulous farmers' markets, and the best children's bookstore I've ever seen.  (Nourit asked about 10 times, "Is it real?" after seeing a fancy chicken walk by her through the stacks at Wild Rumpus.  Avi particularly liked the tail-less cat, and I actually thought the hairless rat was rather cute!)

Here are some pictures from the wedding.  We are so thrilled to have been there!

Flower Children

Cole and Kyla
Neil and Amber
(Notice the Wedding Party Kazoo Band...)

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