Friday, December 5, 2008

I Tried to Cancel Netflix or How Mike and I Watch a Movie

A few weeks ago, I finally decided to cancel our Netflix subscription since a movie typically sits in our desk drawer for a month before we get a chance to watch it. I sent the last in a long line of bad picks back (we had a string of rather boring Spanish films) and canceled the membership online. Too late. The next day we received 'Cache' in our mailbox, a French psychological thriller starring Juliette Binoche that didn't sound remotely interesting to me. The last time I watched a French thriller, the babysitter ended up slaughtering everyone at the end. Gross.

'Cache' lay buried underneath a week's worth of unopened mail until I received a late notice from Netflix. I immediately dropped it into a mailbox and let them know it was on it's way. Then, it showed up back in my mailbox because I forgot to take it out of the original envelope (addressed to me, of course.) 'Cache' just wouldn't go away!

Last night, we put Nourit to bed 3 hours early since she was a crazed wild-child after no nap, and Mike's knee injury had exhausted him to the point he couldn't write anymore. And me, well, all I had waiting for me was a pile of dishes that could keep. So we sat down to watch this movie.

During the first five minutes, we rewound the dvd at least 3 times. The movie seemed to click to fast-forward mode at the same place and we thought I had sat on the remote or that Avi had kicked it. Finally, we figured out that what we were watching was a fast-forward of the movie the characters were watching. Good start.

The movie was interesting enough for me to stay awake, but as soon as blood was shed (about 3/4 of the way through) I was having second thoughts. The entire movie centered around this couple receiving threatening video tapes and pictures, and just after a character died, I was expecting to learn the sender's identity. We watched a final scene where I witnessed an entire conversation between two of the main characters while Mike saw only a group of people without any distinguishable characters. Then, right when I thought we'd find out who the perpetrator was, the credits rolled. Aaaaaaah!

I was confused and annoyed that it was not an obvious ending. Mike was perfectly accepting of the fact that there was no conclusion. We saw things the other didn't. Were we watching two different movies?

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