Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quoting our Children's Books

Since the only books either of us are reading lately are for the 3 and under crowd, we're trying to find ways of identifying. Surprisingly, quite a few apply to our life this week.

Dr. Suess: "Sad Dad Bad Had - Dad is sad. Very, very sad. He had a bad day. Oh, what a bad day dad had."

Jill Murphy: "Because I want 5 minutes peace from all of you!"

Mo Willems: "Where's KNUFFLE BUNNY?" (Insert DODO. 10 x per day.)

Ian Falconer: "Olivia (Nourit), time for your you-know-what!" But Olivia's (Nourit's) not tired.

Sandra Boynton: "We'reveryverybusyandwe'vegotalottodoandwehaven'tgotamomenttoexplain

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