Friday, January 30, 2009

Gratia - Gratus

Although I'm not particularly thankful that I'm awake at 3a.m. (because of a certain sweet little 1 year old who will remain nameless), the thought of gratitude has been rolling around in my head the last couple of days, and after such a long period of ingratitudo, I'm compelled to record something new. Hence, the picture at the left of the Thanksgiving Turkey in January.

Yesterday, I actually felt fully thankful and appreciative of my life - right here and now. In Hyde Park. In the middle of Mike's grad school. At an uninspiring job. I try to articulate my thankfulness each day, and in my head I know we are blessed, but it's rare that I've really felt it lately. So here I was, mulling over a conversation I had just had with a friend, and browsing a stranger's blog, and it hit me. I am truly blessed. I have my hands full with two girls, but I don't get lonely or bored because I have so many wonderful friends, neighbors and acquaintances that we see and play with regularly who are my constant source of support. We live in a tiny apartment, but we live in such a rich and full environment and neighborhood. We don't have much extra money for traveling or entertainment, but for the moment, I have a job that allows us to pay for what we need. I'd rather not leave my girls for 20+ hours/week, but it's a flexible 20+ hours. No commute. I'm a little sheepish that this all hit me after comparing my situation to other moms - one who lives in a lovely house in suburbia with no mom friends around, and the other who gets to stay home with her babies, but is wondering how they will pay for food this month. But I often look at my situation in light of others' situations, and it usually doesn't matter. I still think about how things could be better, different, in my life. Anyway, it just feels good to finally experience in my heart and emotions what I know to be true in my head.

I love reading other mom's blogs when I get a chance, which is not nearly enough. Some I enjoy for their writing style, or their sarcasm, or because they are friends who I don't see enough and I just want to keep up on their life. Two mom-friend blogs that I've been enjoying have each, in their own way and style, dedicated 2009 to focus on a particular word - one chose passion, and one chose gratitude. Both are refreshing, honest and focus UP.


JenD said...

Thanks for the mention! Bloom where you are and flowers will grow! It is no surprise to God where you at right now. And he does have a purpose for you too! Take care

Hilary said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog! It's funny cause I didn't even realize I was picking a word for 2009 - but it is completely the essence. It's wonderful to have you along for the gratitude journey. It is an amazing one, made possible only by God's grace.