Sunday, February 1, 2009

Driving up Lake Michigan - Twice

I really stay sequestered in Hyde Park most of the time, but when I get in the car and drive up Lakeshore Drive, I'm always struck by how beautiful the lake is with the Chicago skyline straight ahead. I forget how fun it is to head north, and but on the flip side, dealing with traffic is probably the reason I leave our little neighborhood so rarely by car. Saturday, I took the trip twice - once with family, once without.

We took Nourit for an observation/playdate at the Lycee early in the morning. It seems like there are so many people applying for preschool. I never imagined having my 3 year old 'interviewed' for a spot at school. I figured that would at least wait until college. The teachers seem wonderful, though, and we're still hoping it will somehow, someway, be possible for her to attend in the fall. Following the observation, we headed up to Argyle to La Patisserie P for THE best croissants in Chicago. We had met the chef/owner, Peter, at a breadbake a year ago at the Experimental Station, and yesterday was the third time we'd been back to his bakery for his award winning pastry.

After dropping the girls back at home with Jessica, and dropping Mike at Istria to write, I headed north again to do some "quick" shopping in Lincoln Park. (By shopping I mean groceries - not designer shoes.) It took me 3 hours to just pick up a few things, and then, after circling the parking lot at Whole Foods a few too many times, left for the other WF on Roosevelt. Crazy Saturday shoppers!

So, Lake Michigan, I'd like to see you again soon, but maybe on foot next time, for a leisurely stroll along the Point, or a fast speed walk along the water with the stroller.

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