Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fais Dodo

The night before last, Nourit had to go to sleep sans Dodo. The only other time that happened was when she had hidden him in one of her many hiding places, and I could not find him anywhere. She eventually screamed and cried herself to sleep, but as a rule, Dodo is her constant companion in the house, evidenced by the hourly searches for Dodo on the days we stay in. Every once in awhile he'll escape into the outside world with her, and she gets a funny little smile on her face and says, "Dodo's outside!" Normally, though, Dodo stays home and waits for her.

Dodo was given to Nourit before she was even born by a dear friend who also gave us Nourit's favorite blanket, and an assortment of unique hats and clothes. Everything was handmade by her daughter and I've never really seen it replicated, even on her website Dodo, who it seems, comes from the Noni family, was christened by someone in our family - my mom, I think. (She thought it looked like a Dodo bird, and the name sort of stuck.) It fits, though, because Nourit will not fais dodo without Dodo.

Until the night before last. Dodo mysteriously ended up in the tub with Nourit and had to spend the night hanging upside down to dry.

The next day was laundry day, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to really get Dodo clean. (We, Grandma, Auntie Laura and Mama, had made a valiant attempt to put Dodo in the washer two weeks ago, but Nourit wouldn't release him.) When it was time for bed, we pulled a softer, and much pinker Dodo out of the laundry bag. His new eye had even stayed on through the ordeal! (Dodo recently had surgery to replace a missing eye. A pink flower button was chosen to fill in the spot where Dodo's original right eye had been. Surprisingly, the original never turned up, even after we took apart Nourit's crib and cleaned her floor. But soon after we traded in our old green Saturn for a brand new car last month, Nourit started proclaiming that Dodo's eye went away with the old car. It would be a likely story if he hadn't actually lost his eye months previous.)

Sweet dreams, Nourit and Dodo!

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ChefDruck said...

We also call going to bed, going dodo. Are you French?

Good luck winning the Karito Kids doll!