Thursday, July 10, 2008

Going Home Part 3: Raspberries for Nourit

Although we didn't have to worry about meeting any mama bears on our hunt for wild raspberries, we did have to battle mosquitoes, thorns, and really high grasses to find the tastiest berries around (in my opinion, at least!) With Avi comfortably asleep in the Moby wrap, we three set out into the field to find wild black raspberries. I thought she would want to turn right around the minute we left the mown path, but after her first taste, nothing would stop her from finding more berries. She ate anything and everything she could get her hands on, while I picked from the higher bushes and put those berries into a container to bring back for Grandma. Nourit didn't complain once about the prickles or the dense underbrush - she just wanted more raspberries. And when we found the path to return to the house, she asked for "just one more" raspberry from my bowl - about 20 times! Grandma was lucky there were any left!

Today, long after the berries have been digested, the results of our little adventure are apparent. Big, puffy red bites cover our arms and legs, red scratches adorn our arms, and Nourit's left knee and ankle are swollen to twice their normal size. She says it doesn't hurt, and the minute we left to go on our walk today, she started asking for more raspberries.

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