Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grandpa's visit and Oh, no, she's turning into her mother!

I really miss my hubby, but I realized that I haven't spent one day without family the entire time he's been in France. The girls have had such valuable time with their grandparents and auntie, and it's made the time go quickly. The most recent visit was from Grandpa Neild and when Nourit said to me last night, "Grandpa's not sad. He's a nice man," I knew that an important bond had been forged. We don't see my dad very often, and when we do, it's usually just over a quick lunch with no time for Nourit to get to know him. She sees pictures of him on our screensaver each day, and we talk about him, but when the time comes to visit, she's shy. So when he surprised me by promising to come visit while Mike was away, I was looking forward to the extended time with him, both for me and for the girls.

On Monday he arrived and we just hung out around the house. Nourit was treated to extended storytime with Grandpa (he's a great book reader) and Avi hung out with him while I picked up around the house after our trip. Tuesday morning, we walked to the backstory cafe and had their wonderful slowdrip coffee and chatted while Nourit played with a toy kitchen. We watered the garden and walked back to get home in time for the babysitter. However, when she called and canceled sick two hours before I had to go to work, my dad immediately volunteered to babysit. When I returned from work hours later, he didn't look overwhelmed at all, and said Nourit was a stellar kid for him. He didn't even seem put off by Avi's usual bouts of crying. It must not have been so bad because he volunteered to do it again today if the sitter couldn't make it.

Although the sitter apologized profusely for canceling, I couldn't help but think that God had planned my dad's trip so he could be there for me and for the girls, and give us all a couple of days together to remember. I'm glad she called in sick.


My 2.5 year old daughter is turning into her mother - already! A few months ago, I noticed she would say "Thank you so mu-uch!" Boy, did I shudder when I heard myself on the phone after that and realized where she got that from. She was also reported to have said "What's up with that?" (Words my husband has never uttered.) This week, my dramatic little girl started with a big intake of breath, huge eyes, and saying "NO!" in a funny imitation of - yep, you guessed it - her mother. So now I know that a) she picks up on everything we say and b) she doesn't take us seriously.

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