Thursday, July 3, 2008

Things I Love about Hyde Park

Now that we've lived in Hyde Park for 5 years, it's really beginning to grow on me. I guess it took awhile because I was so in love with Boston - from the minute we moved there. We only lived there for two short years, but my feelings about it were confirmed when we went back to visit last summer. I digress. Back to Hyde Park, Chicago. I'm finally realizing how much I like our life here, and I think it has so much to do with having kids and being part of a community. The following are the things that I love (or like alot) about Hyde Park:

-Our community garden on 61st Street
-The new market on 61st Street
-The new backstory cafe at the Experimental Station
-Istria coffee shop under the traintracks on 57th
-Marsha's Music Together at Joan's Studio
-The nun's croissants and tarts at Hyde Park Produce
-Hyde Park Produce
-57th Street Bookstore and the Seminary Co-op Bookstore
-Hyde Park Alliance Church
-Our neighbors
-Our backyard
-The friendly people in our housing office
-My walk to work through the winter garden on the Midway right off of 59th street
-The Japanese pond in the middle of campus with the turtles and big orange fish
-Bixler Playlot and the great parents I've met there
-The Family Resource Center
-The Music Teachers of Hyde Park

I'm sure more things will occur to me, and I'll have to add to my list. So many of these things became important to me only after having children. So many center around the connection I feel to this community. And I suppose that connection has helped me through the transition to being a parent during the times I've needed it most.

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